Be Well

I am a hedonist when it comes to fitness, food, and my city. I work out because I love the feeling: power, endorphins, productive pain. I see movement as celebration and therapy, and food as art and love. New York City chants along generously to this kind of hedonism. There’s an energy on this island that unites body, mind, and spirit at a brilliant pulse. Here are some stories from that rhythm.

Stolen Exhale

On a busy street in Tribeca, candlelit lanterns line the sidewalk leading to a glass doorway that invites you to step out of time. Inside, rough wood and stone lit by a thousand candles suggest you begin to shed civilizing layers, get down to skin and breath. Aire Ancient Baths is a nouveau Greco-Roman bathhouse: a sequence of pools, steam rooms, saunas, and yoga and massage sense riots. It might be heaven. Especially two weeks out from an Ironman training taper.  Ancient body wisdom. New York-style. You're welcome.