I am a hedonist when it comes to fitness, food, art, and adventure in New York City, and the world. I work out and race because I love the feeling: power, endorphins, productive pain. I see movement as celebration and therapy, food as art and love, creativity as our most human impulse, and travel as a way of awakening and coming home to ourselves, to each other.

I seek out and create moments and practices that unite body, mind, and spirit at a brilliant pulse. Here are some stories from that rhythm.

Ironman Wonderland

I’m just back from a training intensive in the Dolomites, an otherworldly mountain range at the northeast tip of Italy. Also known as Ironman Wonderland, if, like this girl, your facing the steep ascents of Whistler’s Ironman Canada in T-4 weeks. Days of 15% grade climbs, long swims, and cliff top runs interrupted by nothing but thunderstorms have a way of distilling focus, wiping the slate clean. I’m a big believer in the power of retreat. Or, rather, advance. As well as in Barolo, speck, and gorgonzola. So things worked out. And don’t be surprised if you find an invitation to next year’s Sellaronda. Wonderland indeed.