I am a hedonist when it comes to fitness, food, art, and adventure in New York City, and the world. I work out and race because I love the feeling: power, endorphins, productive pain. I see movement as celebration and therapy, food as art and love, creativity as our most human impulse, and travel as a way of awakening and coming home to ourselves, to each other.

I seek out and create moments and practices that unite body, mind, and spirit at a brilliant pulse. Here are some stories from that rhythm.

All The Magic is in Revision


Goals are solid. Means are flexible. Thanks to a pulled hip flexor, #TheRoadToWhistler is leading to Ironman Mallorca in 2 months, time enough to recover, revise, rebuild. I've swerved enough to know revision holds its own magic. The climbs of Ironman Canada will be all the sweeter in 2016. For now: no pain, no Spain. 

Train with me. Xx