We are made to create. As an athlete and coach, I'm ultimately about unleashing imagination, igniting creativity. When we build strength, we think more boldly about our lives, more courageously about the art and work and love we dream of creating. I train to build ferocity that spills into generosity: generative, contagious creativity. 

I'm inspired to partner with teams that are building community along with visionary products. Here are my faves.

Greens By Any Means! My Favorite Superfood Greens Supplements

Athletic Greens and Organifi are my favorite greens superfood supplements. I spend a lot of time researching the most nutrient-dense foods and believe whole-heartedly in non-processed, whole foods as the foundation of an optimal diet. These are among the few supplements I use, blended in my daily smoothie or stirred into a drink when I'm on the road, and I feel the difference in energy, recovery, and immunity when I run out.

Athletic Greens seems like a splurge. It's the pricier, most superfood and nutrient-dense option and the way to go if you can swing it and are training intensely or working toward adding more vegetables into your diet. It's a way better investment than a daily latte.

Organifi is also incredibly nutrient-dense and includes de-toxifing green algae chlorella, spirulina, inflammation-fighting turmeric and ashwagandha (all tough to get outside of supplement form), and antioxidant-rich, energizing matcha and wheatgrass. Major plus: it tastes good, thanks to fresh mint. And this 15% off code: HEARTWARD15