Greens By Any Means! My Favorite Superfood Greens Supplement

Organifi is my favorite greens superfood supplement. I spend a lot of time researching the most nutrient-dense foods and believe whole-heartedly in non-processed, whole foods as the foundation of an optimal diet. This is among the few supplements I use, blended in my daily smoothie or stirred into a drink when I'm on the road, and I feel the difference in energy, recovery, and immunity when I run out.

Organifi is incredibly nutrient-dense and includes de-toxifing green algae chlorella, spirulina, inflammation-fighting turmeric and ashwagandha (all tough to get outside of supplement form), and antioxidant-rich, energizing matcha and wheatgrass. Major plus: it tastes good, thanks to fresh mint. And this 15% off code: HEARTWARD15