Well hello. I'm Nicole. I've done my darndest to craft a philosophy of wellness from a lifetime spent pushing hard on the possibilities of life. As a triathlete and yogini, poet and academic, traveler, fire-escape gardener, and earnest shower-singer, my center of gravity has always been a full-hearted pursuit of joy. In teaching and coaching, I strive to call up joy from a believing heart, a bookish mind, and always from sympathy stored muscle-deep for my students' own journeys toward their strongest selves.

I'm into poetics — broadly defined —  as it reaches into  a doctoral dissertation I'm writing on poetry and the aesthetics of secularism, and into the ways we understand our own bodies. I am inspired by artistic and entrepreneurial creativity and the buzzing conversation New York City is having about bodies, communities, and craftsmanship. And you?

Let's Chat.

Song requests? Shout-outs? Questions? Want a friend? I'm listening. 


Let's Ride.

Join me six times a week at Peloton Cycle's breathtaking Manhattan Studios. Trust me on this one: the showers alone are worth the sweat.