OATH is a full-body, soul-igniting, tribe-supported 40-day journey of transformation.

A mentorship program designed to generate deep bonds, authentic wellness, and creative momentum.

A seasonally-attentive journey, this third edition of OATH will focus on community-building as the lens through which we view 4 modules—BE, MOVE, FEAST, BECOME—each lasting 10 days. In the last months of 2018, through the intensity of the holiday season, you will be upheld, inspired, and encouraged in your growth.

For each module, you will receive

  • A weekly, interactive group session each Tuesday night with Nicole deep diving into each module and your questions, struggles, illuminations — later available on-demand

  • An exclusive, weekly ALTER workout leading you to wrestle with, absorb, and integrate transformation.

  • Access to over 40 on-demand video workouts and meditations at

  • Full access to all video, audio, and creative materials from previous OATH courses

  • Entry into our optional, private Facebook group—the campfire at the center of our community

  • A daily email with a fresh point of focus for each of the 40 days.

  • A downloadable audio meditation inviting you to play with each theme

  • Transformational creative exercises

  • Curated readings, media, and art to stir creativity and build strength

As OATH is a communal journey,

space is limited to a size that allows us to know and be known.

OATH Modules

1. BE

Implement spiritual craft to root into your present. Cultivate radical gratitude, attentiveness, and joy. Design and deepen a meditation practice that compels you. Make space for the heart to grow. In this third OATH journey, we will view the BE module through the lens of vulnerability.


In ways that astonish you. Get curious about your physical potential: the strength you can build, the energy that can overflow to others, the adventures and challenges you’re tempted to imagine. Establish a physical practice that redefines your idea of ability, aging, grit, and grace. That becomes a refuge, a way of moving through and being artfully shaped by the resistances you face. Learn how to stoke your body’s fires intensely and sustainably. To heal. To understand yourself as a force. We will do so through the lens of resilience.


Eat soulfully. Understand your appetites and learn to feed yourself what you need. Build a relationship to food from a foundation of pleasure, party, and abundance. Learn to eat as an act of presence and connection, rather than hiding, shame, habit. Learn about food as medicine and transformative energy at the cellular level of the body. Experiment with fresh meal plans, shoppings lists, and preparation tips. Cultivate freedom, wisdom, and curiosity as you nourish yourself creatively. We will specifically be exploring the theme of self-love within community.


Amplify the symphony of your DNA. Clear space for your most reckless longings. Identify the scripts and stories that have formed you, and the deeper dreams. Envision your future. Make space for grace to invade and reshape your failures. Refine your core values as you articulate an authentic sanculpa—your mission, your legend. Design personalized, practical applications to your core categories of growth. Cultivate habits of courage. Grow into yourself. Together, we will generate generosity.

Can I get a witness?


'Never before have I met a leader like Nicole Meline.  She has a uniquely powerful ability to motivate others to do their best in ALL areas of life.  I've worked with great fitness trainers who help my physical fitness.  I've worked with spiritual leaders who have guided me on spiritual paths.  I've worked with therapists who have helped me grow and heal emotionally and mentally.  Nicole passes this along to her course participants effortlessly, with humor, day-to-day tools, and an underlying expression of Grace.  Her course participants experience real and immediate change, growth and healing, along with a new community of like minded new friends and support.  All areas of my life have improved since taking Nicole's course; the most impactful has been my relationships with my spouse and children.  Priceless, everlasting, precious results.'

- Kellie, OATH 1.0

'OATH is truly a TRANS-FORMATIVE interactive, soul gratifying experience. The ability to connect to other sources of light, in a closed group forum, allows you to sit in your ache, gain support and guidance, as you BEcome the individual the universe has always envisioned you to be.'

- Daisy mac, OATH 1.0

'Nicole's heart shines through in every part of this program. It is so well written and prepared, and always leaves you coming back for more. This is a program to truly feed your soul and engage with amazing like minded people who all wish to be the best versions of themselves.'

- Currie, OATH 1.0

'I highly recommend Nicole Meline's OATH class to get exposed to a leading-edge thinker and practitioner of everything you need - diet/nutrition, wellness, self-improvement, and spirituality. She shows great eloquence on a wide variety of topics and at the the conclusion you with come away with a greater well-being and appreciation for life and community.'

- OATH 1.0 member

'Taking the time to work on myself has been life changing. It has forced me to slow down, be present, and reflect honestly about myself and my future. The course content has heightened the frequency of my feelings, making me more aware of both the joy and pain in my life. It has helped me dig into and productively cultivate both of these extremes. It has given me a toolbox that I now use to better juggle and cope with my many roles as self, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, professional, etc. Nicole’s engagement and guidance throughout this process has been purely authentic and I am so grateful to her for creating this course, community, and forum for positive growth.'

- OATH 1.0 member

'I enrolled in OATH on a whim. I loved Nicole's Peloton classes and was curious about OATH. I was seeking more, but I wasn't sure what I was searching for. I was drawn to Nicole's JOY, and I wanted to experience more JOY. OATH brought me more than I ever expected, and I look forward to continuing the journey.'

- OATH 1.0 member

OATH is a great program for anyone interested in looking deeper within themselves - you couldn't ask for a better guide with Nicole Meline. Balancing deep knowledge on a variety of wellness, nutrition, and spiritual guidance, she invites you to share your acknowledgements and personal growth stories with grace.

- Jeff, OATH 2.0 Member

OATH was an amazing addition to my everyday practice. It provided me with a community of people that were like-minded, interesting, and structured. I'm excited to be a part of this journey, and see where it guides me next.

- OATH 2.0 Member