Morocco - October 20-27, 2017

Retreats can be exquisitely planned, down to the tiny, surprising details. The one thing that can’t be planned is the community. The connections. Adventures are such immersive experiences that family can take shape in a matter of days. Maybe. Big, bold talks. Risky moves and meals. Conversations we can circle back to, spiral down. Deep questions, sparked by fresh views. Will the nomads become a tribe?

I believe when we are aligned with our highest intentions, the universes conspires to support us. Nomadic Belonging: Morocco deepened my faith. I had not met most of the nomads in person before they showed up in Africa. They hadn’t met each other. But our first night in Morocco, in the great room of Peacock Pavilions, its creator Maryam Montegue warned us that Marrakech was a vortex. It’s dense with magic. Travelers tend to receive directions, inspiration, a dose of luck. There’s a history of epiphany. The one requirement is that you leave your baggage behind. Be Moroccan, one morning at a time. Greet each day as a blank canvas. Open up. 

I hadn’t yet heard this when I led our opening yoga practice, where we tucked a slip of paper under our mats that said what we wanted to leave behind in starting this journey. Or knew that when we started the session an hour later than planned, the moment we laid down in savasana the first cries of the evening call to prayer would begin reverberating over us from all directions, like a blanket unfurled and slowly descending over a bed. We were tucked into it. Covered. And something began to knit us together. Called out of time and to do’s and expectations. Options open. Our only task was delight. 

One of the highlights of our time was a day spent at Project Soar, Peacock Pavilions' amazing nonprofit organization that empowers girls across Morocco and soon all of Africa to unfurl their brightest, boldest wings. 

After our time in Marrakech and a day in Essaouira, we journeyed to the Imlil Valley in the Atlas Mountains, to stay at the Kasbah du Toubkal in the shadow of Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in north Africa. We wandered, trekked, feasted, and took in stunning views. Morning yoga on heated floors in a studio overlooking the mountains, evenings gathered around a table in candlelight, and a last night together building each other up under a bright moon and a billion stars.

More glimpses of the journey on Instagram @nomadicbelonging.

And more Nomadic Belonging soulful adventures to come! Stay tuned for details...