Bali - April 7-13, 2019

Nomadic Belonging


April 7-13, 2019

Beach extension April 13-16th

Savage Devotion

Extravagance. Heart Waste. Soul Expense. Adornment. Fecundity.

Infinite Shades of Green.

Layers of stars.

Centuries of temples.

A thousand ways to bow.

You’re invited.


Our Journey:

Days of exploration and expanse with plenty of space to dream. Everything is optional. You can do what the heart calls for.

7 Days & 6 Nights in Ubud at

Alila Ubud

Sunday, April 7 - Saturday, April 13th

with an optional April 13-16th extension to

the beaches of Keramus

Morning and Sunset ALTER yoga + meditation

Farm-to-table feasts


Igniting workshops, Edgy conversation, deep-end friendships, daydreaming

A curated collection of soulful art, readings, local gifts


  • ALTER yoga and mobility sessions and workshops

  • Breakfasts and dinners at the hotel

  • Ubud excursions


  • Airfare

  • Transport to the hotel (group transfers can be arranged)

  • Alcohol

  • Spa Treatments

  • Lunches and dinners during excursions


We are rekindling in soulful luxury at Alila Ubud, a tranquil and secluded hillside retreat that sits high up on the edge of the rich green Ayung River valley in Bali’s central foothills, 15 minutes from Ubud, the island’s cultural heart. We will have an indoor-outdoor yoga shala overlooking the rice paddies all to ourselves to kindle transformation, savage devotion, and wild daydreams.


Nicole Meline’s Nomadic Belonging Retreat was a four day foundation for a lifestyle change. All too often workouts or diets fail because I don’t change my lifestyle. I’ve also been on great retreats that lose their magic when I go home. This retreat was amazingly different. Nicole effortlessly demonstrated the ease of incorporating the lifestyle I want into each day.  By offering three workouts (including yoga) each day, I experienced an increase in energy rather than feeling depleted or tired!  She easily offered us nutritious and delicious food choices at each meal. By using Foster Creek Farms she set the stage for natural conversations and community building with people from all over the country, with all levels of fitness, and all kinds of backgrounds. And in all she does, Nicole asks the important questions and introduces the one-liners that change my life. I’ve witnessed this in her fitness classes, on-line courses, personal coaching, and in this Nomadic Belonging retreat setting.  I highly recommend Nomadic Belonging retreats to anyone who wants to live healthfully, increase community, and experience more joy in their every day lives.

Kelli, Seattle, on Nomadic Belonging Montana


For me, Nicole’s retreats “alter” my 5 senses. It’s palo santo and fresh air. It’s Nicole-isms, life affirming music and laughter. It’s tight hugs and soft yoga mats. It’s the freshest of the garden with a dash of local infusion. It’s mind blowing mountains, bluest skies and green grasses. Every ounce of the retreat works to reset my spirit and lead me to vibrate with more energy and love when I return home. Thank you Nicole for offering a unique experience that can’t be bought off a shelf or online.

Cheryl, Bentonville, Arkansas on Nomadic Belonging Montana

I can’t find the words to describe theexperience that just took place…. I am still in Awe!  Thank you thank you thank you for guiding me through such an incredible journey.  The past few days in Montana were truly MAGICAL. I woke up this morning feeling transformed….I felt energized and ready to take on the day.  Ready to take on my new life! I can honestly say I loved everything about this retreat!  The Grand Canyon in Yellowstone was spectacular!  I also enjoyed wandering the farm and creating memories with new friends. The ALTER Yoga and Spin Classes were spot on. Just what I needed.  Loved all the music. I am still on a high from it ALL.

Brynn, Reno, CA on Nomadic Belonging Montana

A remarkable journey for your soul, senses and body. Having participated in several classes with Nicole, I had very high expectations for our retreat. But only as Nicole can do, she surpassed all of my expectations. From the inspiring sweat parties on the bike and mat to the thoughtfully curated music, mediations and readings shared throughout; Nicole plunged with us into our deepest selves to help us refocus and “alter”. The community spirit and support of our group and the friendships that I made continue to inspire me. Can’t wait for the next one.

Cindy, New Jersey, on Nomadic Belonging Montana

Embodied in sorrow over the sudden and recent loss of my father, I almost didn’t make it to Nicole’s Montana retreat. Deep in my heart I knew I belonged. I took from my savings and booked on a whim. Landing with a heavy heart and mind, I didn’t know quite what to expect overall, I just knew Nicole’s joy metric was what I needed in my life. To say I had the time of my life everyday in every way, doesn’t seem like enough. I found peace for my sorrow, friendship in unexpected ways and I felt such a deep sense of belonging that my heart was bursting. Each day was a new beautiful, soulful challenge, but one I came to welcome and embrace. Nicole is the very essence of Nomadic Belonging, giving peace, silent reverence and divine grace. Her workouts will change and inspire you. Her meditations will free you and her music selection will inspire you. You will find yourself with her hands firmly on your back and experience love and kindness from your group of Nomads that completes you.

Deah, Los Angeles, on Nomadic Belonging Montana

Nicole Meline. Never have I met someone who brings such absolute intelligence to fitness.  Emotional intelligence. Creative intelligence. And just plain smarts. I sensed it when I took her classes when she was a Peloton instructor. I feared that meeting her in real life would expose that I had projected this onto her. But IT DID NOT. She is the real deal. Multidimensional. Perfect and imperfect. Strong and independent, so much so that she is ok to share humility and vulnerability and loss. Gorgeous inside and out is a cliche, but cliches exist for a reason. Nicole is a reason.  Dancing with the lights on during the day without alcohol.  Never, before this experience. What is home and why did I come here, to Montana, to be amongst strangers to spin and practice yoga and hike in Yellowstone?  Home is my family.  But my family has not been getting my best self.  Or even my medium self.  They have been getting the leftovers.  This is upside down and backwards.  So I came here to reset myself, take a risk. The friendships…these are women who will stay with me. As a kid at summer camp I made friends in days that lasted a lifetime.  But not as an adult.  As a grownup friendships take years.  Except at Nomadic Belonging.  Here 5 days is enough. I am full. I am easeful. And my family will get my best self today, and hopefully tomorrow.  Until next time, nomads.

Jennifer, Los Angeles, on Nomadic Belonging Montana


I am still on a Nomadic high! I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you, I loved all the beauty that surrounded me, and Montana was of coarse a site to see, the takeaways that I received will forever be in my heart. Women coming together from different seasons of life sharing stories of heroic adventures, bravery, passion for charity love for life, and childhood fun, Thank you, I am a little smarter, braver, more courageous and stronger, I can Dance a bit crazier and most of all be myself because I met all of YOU.

Suzanne, Newport Beach, CA on Nomadic Belonging Montana


I loved meeting people who are all unique and yet the same. I shared with several how many of my friends thought I was crazy for going on a trip with people I'd never met. From first meeting a few nomads at the airport, it never felt awkward. I really loved meeting and getting to know so many independent women! The schedule worked well. I enjoyed the "time in the kitchen" chatting. Maybe more of that around the fire. The trip exceeded all expectations and I'm still soaking in the experience. It was great to connect with so many wonderful people that I would never have met if I didn't jump in and take a chance on my own.

Kimberly, North Carolina, on Nomadic Belonging Montana


I loved meeting so many kindred spirits from many walks of life and areas of the country. Truly felt like finding my tribe. Your vibe attracts your tribe and that’s so true with Nicole. I will hold you all in my heart.

Cindy, Austin, TX, on Nomadic Belonging Montana

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