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Karston Tannis

Karston Tannis


I believe in spirited movement and revelatory stillness. That our world deserves our strength. That we are made to move in ways that astonish us, lifelong. That physical movement can be a spiritually seismic event. That breath and sweat are doorways to the heart—noise cancelling headphones for the symphony of our original, singular DNA. That ultimately, the metric that matters is joy.

California born, New York City forged, I believe in plunging deep into the rivers and risking long hauls down all the roads that call us, letting them lead and interweave in their own time. I am a triathlete and yogi, artist and writer, fitness and wellness industry master instructor and consultant, trainer and life coach, fire-escape gardener, shower-singer, travel-loving citizen of possibility.  My center of gravity is a full-bodied pursuit of joy. I catalyze clients and communities to craft lives and enterprises that embody joyful creativity.

Currently, I create transcendent workouts, mentor leaders and instructors, and lead soulful adventure retreats around the world.

I am inspired by artistic and entrepreneurial creativity and the buzzing conversation the world is having about bodies, communities, and craftsmanship.

And you?

What's Your Story?

Sweat stories, conspiracy, personalized training? Message me for NYC or remote possibilities.

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Sweat hard.

Love harder.

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