Nicole Meline
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Some families are made of blood. 

We're building one of sweat and soul. 

An eternal student, I have a lifelong passion for mentorship, coaching, encouragement, consulting and collaborative leadership. With four masters degrees in the humanities and deep roots in biological science and healthcare, I dropped out a PhD program to design innovative, embodied, transformative experiences. Most education stops short of transformation. Believing transformation is a communal enterprise—and it’s what we’re really after in athletic training, mindfulness practices, education, and leadership—I create evolving mentorship communities and one-on-one coaching journeys that hold space for your becoming.


  • Join the ALTER TOGETHER community, for ongoing, fresh meditations, movement practices, the ALTER Book Club, and resources to direct you heartward and connect you to a community of soulful adventurers, innovators, and catalysts

  • Sign up for information on upcoming mentorship community journeys, OATH and WEIGHTY

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