Tour de Peloton

Ten years ago, I stayed awake the entirety of a trans-Atlantic red-eye, unexpectedly riveted by the memoir of a certain pro cyclist from Texas. I'm over him, but that read left me mesmerized by the romance of the Tour de France, the culture of pro cycling, and the force at its heart: the peloton. So something in me rhymed a year ago, when I came on board a start-up that realizes the power of that term, and rhymed again, today, when the U.S. pro cycling team Garmin-Sharp initiated our new partnership by guest-coaching some fierce studio rides. These boys know something about negotiating creative pain, setting up camp in the fire. Of riding of out the sheer joy team member Alex Howes exuded: "Your legs were made to do this!" He set a hell of a pace today (Carolina Chocolate Drops notwithstanding? enabling?). The good news is now I can catch them all On-Demand.