Your Undoing

I know a visionary. People have heard of Robin Arzon, and they've heard that she casts a long shadow—a supertoned, superhot shadow—over New York City's fitness scene. And that shadow just got way bigger. Somewhere between running international ultra-marathons, redefining life with Type-1 diabetes, and hosting a hip-hop tent at Burning Man, Robin acts as the daring commander-in-chief of the world’s most impressive and cutting-edge fitness and fashion magazine. It's called Undo, and its steel-eyed message is to undo ordinary. Undo divisions between sweat and style, art and movement, work and play. Undo the reasoning that lets us settle for less. Point toward the future. You can catch her coaching at Peloton, where we’ve been known to co-lead 75-min endurance extravaganzas and offer our take on the meaning of a ‘cycling stage.’ Undo captures this magic in Issue2: Ascend Together. This woman is a rockstar, a rebel, and a gangster in the best sense—the spearhead of a tribe of urbanites running along the edges of possibility. Get on board