Sweat Family

My peloton:

Some families are made of blood. We have built one of sweat. 

We match cadence and resistance, but we are connected by what those breathless moments unlock in us. What we feel, what we dream, what we dare to think possible when we glimpse our full strength. How ferocity becomes generosity. Consumption shifts to creativity. 

From the first time I felt that connection, to the first rider whose name was written on a whiteboard ‘Leaderboard’ in our makeshift first studio, and every time I have clipped into the bike and scrolled through a worldwide roll call, I have been lifted by you, inspired by you, pulled into the force field of your dreams, power, brokenness, and best intentions. Calling us to life has been my deep joy.

You have heard me tell you to wipe your slate clean with sweat. I am starting a new canvas. I want you to be in my picture.

Let's surprise ourselves.

All my love,

Nicole Meline8 Comments