OATH: Transformation Culture


Years in the making, nine months in fiery refining, it’s my deep joy to invite you to OATH: Transformation Culture, a 40-day journey. I launched the first journey of OATH on September 7, 2017, and another on January 7, 2018, and what a deep soul dive it's been. I have made the live sessions accompanying content available on my new mobile studio, so you can experience individual sessions or a bundle of the whole experience, including all OATH 1.0 and 2.0 sessions.

I have spent much of the last year soaking up teachers who are further along than I am. More light. More depth. More joy. (What other measures matter?) Learning to grieve well. Learning to feel hollowed. And hallowed. Traveling to work with founders and teams who want to reimagine the intersection of sweat, spirit, and community. Training leaders to ignite more than just the body's fire. And being ignited. Taking notes.

OATH is a course that will break categories and catalyze breakthroughs (we've never been accused of small stakes). It's my heart. And the layered wisdom of 7 years in the fitness industry, 3 masters degrees, half a PhD, and spectacular, all-out failures. It's one big communal journey toward our strongest, most connected, authentic selves.
This embodied course emerges from my vision to catalyze and connect a tribe of humble warriors, wounded healers, thriving, visionary activists skilled in cultivating the soul, alchemizing failure, inhabiting pain and excavating brokenness, who elevate each other in courageous, intentional growth.

I have also started one-on-one coaching focused on the big stuff. Real talk. You. Me. Those dreams that feel almost too big, too real, too distant, too ruined to whisper. About love? About sweat? About food? About money? About God? About the ways we want to feel in our skin, the ways we want to transcend? These conversations with individuals have

I'd call it life coaching, but that assumes we know where things are headed. You can book a session here, or drop me a line for more info.

Let's transform.

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