Joy Guru Dana Trixie Flynn

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Dana Trixie Flynn is one of my joy gurus—a category of people I adore who live with grit, comic wisdom, and rebel joy in the face of life's curve balls. Teachers and leaders who are catalysts of transformation—humans creating communities and spaces of communal growth, and daring to create funky family in whatever work they do.  One of my goals of the podcast is to introduce you to them: leaders whose mission is to inspire—which is another way of saying, to breathe together.  

On this week's  ALTER podcast Dana and I talk about her story and her work, which has basically been leading various forms of dance marathons. We talk a little bit about the history of yoga and its modern lineage, and I encourage you to listen especially if yoga's not your thing—because it's not really about yoga. It's about everything. For me, yoga is any moment movement becomes a doorway to the heart. And that can mean the smallest movement—a shift of attention to a breath. One rep or step beyond what you thought possible. Ecstatic dance that spins you out of old thought patterns. A moment of intentional stillness. 

Any moment we alter. 

Dana and I talk about creativity, entrepreneurship, yoga, jazz and God and New York, hustle and flow and community and New Orleans and resistance and rot and grace. We weave in music, cause it's our favorite short-cut to God.

We talk about scavenging for joy.

We talk about altering together.

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