Did you feel it? Did you see it? We just moved through the Lunar Eclipse Blue Blood Super Moon. I happened upon a moment lit with it. The day got away from me the other night and I almost didn't go out for a run in the January freeze after the sun went down. But I went. And when you venture out into the dark and you add an extra mile maybe you'll pass through a clearing in the park and something epic and otherworldly rearranging the sky will shine down on you, and remind you that you do not know, you cannot possibly imagine, the wonders that can unfold. A golden orb undimmed by the haze of clouds silhouetted in its light. Casting skyscrapers and skeletal trees in the powerful mystery of all that holds us.


Blue Blood. I listened to an interview with Maya Angelou earlier that day, and her words rang: 

Your crown has been paid for.
Put it on. 

You are your ancestors' wildest dreams. Those ancestors of blood and those of soul, who worked and sweated and prayed and wrote so you would stand in the wild possibility of your life. Fully. Regally. So you would create out of it.

Inhale that. Exhale smaller visions of yourself. Put on your crown. It's been paid for.

At the door of February. As the planets align.

New playlist to launch you:

Stay tuned for an invitation to new creations. We're all invited.

Love and sweat,


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