40 Days of Meditation


Here, now: take the deepest breath you've taken today.

Exhale it out slower than usual. Empty your belly.

No really—I'll wait for you. I'll join you.

And now again.

Feel the difference? Did your shoulders drop? Your back lengthen? Did a knot around your heart or your stomach begin to loosen?

What a miracle! We were made with this reset button. Our breath. That simple.

A quiet revolution.

That's the heart of meditation. Or at least the start.

It's become a refuge, a center of gravity, and a supercharger for me this past year. An endless adventure. Which is why I want to take you along on the journey! 

I've started a 40-day meditation adventure, and you're invited! No need to sign up and nothing to pay. It's just exploration, and play. Each day on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter, I am dropping short guided meditations that will give your soul a microphone.

If mediation seems like a mystery or a waste of time, I challenge you to risk the chance it might be your sharpest weapon, your refuge, your refining fire.

Start the journey with this short introductory video, and this first meditation video. And then join the party on social media. I'd love to hear your experience! Is there a meditation in particular that moves you, uncovers something, brings you home? And please share this post with a friend or tag someone on social media who needs a revolutionary breath, a moment of peace, or a megaphone for their soul.

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